Fruit Processing Industry


Quality assurance

Danais’s policy over the years is responding to the need of the market (can, purre, juice, products in aseptic packaging) and producing safe products that fully meet the requirements of the legislation and the customers.

Having priority to produce high quality products, the company maintains a quality assurance system and has been certified by: ISO 9001:2015  , ISO 22000 : 2018, IFS-skydra,  BRC-skydra, BRC-argosKosher Certificate 2020, HALAL CERTIFICATE 2020GLOBAL GAP.

The company is therefore committed and always aims to produce products that are suitable for consumption or any other use intended, conform to the standards, regulations and policies concerning them.

Danais s.a. recognizes the need for establishment and functioning of the quality assurance system and food safety, which is being reviewed and improved to meet the increasing customer expectations and market requirements, taking into account the new scientific data on the risks relating to food.

Our main priority is the manufacture of high quality products.

The specialized staff fulfill continuous and systematic audits at all stages of production. For this reason, our laboratories are fully equipped to achieve detailed controls, ensuring the high quality of finished products. Primary aim of Danais s.a. is the stabilization of quality of our products, irrespective of the fruit quality that varies each year.